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Your work at Vocal Care LA should be honoring and rewarding. We want to keep policies transparent and clear so there is never any miscommunication. In turn, we can also spend our lesson time really digging into the work. While policies are never the most fun part of a new endeavor they are great for establishing respect and expectations between the practitioner and student. Vocal Care LA will honor and treat you with care, kindness, and respect. We hope and expect those things to be reciprocated, too. 



For students in regular weekly or biweekly slots, payment will be due before the lesson via Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal. Other accommodations may be made upon consultation. 


For students booking single lessons, payment is due upon booking the lesson(s). Students booking single lessons must pre-pay for all individual lessons immediately upon booking. 

Please note: refunds are not offered under any circumstances. 



Cancellations fall under one of two categories:

1) Cancellations for students in recurring weekly or bi-weekly lessons: lessons must be cancelled a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Services cancelled with less than 24-hours of the appointment must be paid in full. Students regularly cancelling lessons (more than 2 lesson cancellations in a rolling 3-month period) may lose their regular weekly lesson slot and be asked to book in single lessons. Please note: students only qualify as a recurring weekly or bi-weekly student if they are in a recurring spot (for example, every Monday at 5:30 PM); unless a student is booked into a recurring lesson time, you are classified as a booking "single lessons" (see category 2). 

2) Cancellations for students booking single lessons: payment is due upon booking each lesson, cancellations will not be refunded. Rescheduling of individual lessons for students booking single lessons are done at the ability and discretion of Vocal Care LA.  


Lessons will end at the appointed time even if the student is late for their lesson.

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