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Healing & 



Voice Work

Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are about finding YOUR voice. The voice is intrinsically part of you. As your teacher, I will guide you and your voice to the healthiest outcome. We work together to find and free your voice by teaching holistically and honoring all facets of you. 

Fundamentally singing is a form of storytelling, and with each singer the story is unique. Because of this, I embrace teaching a diverse array of students in many genres. Singing shouldn’t be limited to one genre. Let’s work together to best tell your story as well as the stories of the pieces you sing.

Speech Work

Speech Work

Whether you are a fitness instructor or teacher looking for more vocal sustainability, an actor who finds themselves losing their voice, someone transitioning and navigating vocal changes, or finding yourself giving business speeches: speech work may be right for you. I can help you navigate acoustics and resonance while optimizing the breath while speaking.

Vocal Producing
Healing & Rehab

Vocal Producing 

A vocal producer helps guide you to your best performance in the studio. We work collaboratively to get you to your best take and ensure your recording sounds holistically like you. We start by working on your material before stepping in front of a microphone. Then, I attend your recording sessions to work alongside you, the producers, and engineers to synergistically achieve an outcome that is your vocal best on display.

Healing & Rehabilitation

Vocal injuries and disorders happen. What you do when they happen is critical. Working to restore, heal, and rehabilitate your voice is one of my passions. I have extensive experience working with disorders such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Injuries whether from singing, speech, or post surgical intubation. I will help you heal from your surgeries and manage your disorders from a place of being trauma informed and somatically taught.

Trans Work

Trans Voice Work

I will help you navigate your voice through Hormone Replacement Therapy. Working on Gender Affirming speech and singing as well as finding your true instrument.

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