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Taris Hoffman

Before studying with Jessie, I had been through a slew of voice teachers and vocal therapists that weren't able to fix my vocal damage... Within minutes of our first lesson, Jessie suggested muscle tension dysphonia as a possible diagnosis and immediately began implementing innovative physical and mental strategies we could use to manage the symptoms together. Over the course of five years of studying with Jessie, she has completely rebuilt my vocal technique, giving me a fully functional speaking and singing voice for the first time in my life.

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Wil Whedbee

Jessie’s primary goal with me has always been vocal health and inner trust building. During my career as young transgender performer, many teachers and coaches had done more harm then good to my voice physically and psychologically..., but Jessie sees through it all. She not only has the social/emotional skills to understand different abilities and experiences, she also has an extensive background in teaching vocal pedagogy and the hard science of the body, a combination that is rare and powerful. For me, a vocal teacher is more than a coach...From day one, Jessie instilled in me that my best singing is when I am relaxed, trusting myself, and able to let go of control and perfectionism.

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Courtney Mize

Jessie has truly been a gift for my voice. I would not have the stamina and strength without her guidance and wisdom. I love that she combines coaching and vocal pedagogy to deliver the whole package of skills needed. She not only makes me feel confident and safe while singing - I feel the same during lessons as well!

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Sam Hess

Jessie's knowledge of how tension intersects with sound production is superb. As someone with significant muscle tension dysphonia and cervicalgia, she has given me tools that not only have helped free my singing, but also free my speech. She stays on top of the literature and current understandings of MTD, and incorporates new techniques into her lessons, so I'm still learning new things after nearly a decade of studying with her. She has transformed, and continues to transform, my ability to produce sound.

Sarah McNaughton

I am a group fitness instructor and after months of having a raspy voice and not really being able to sing or talk normally, I finally reached out and asked for help. Jessie understood what I was going through and knew exactly how to help. I finally felt seen. We would meet once a week and I always left feeling better... She literally gave me my voice back and taught me how to use it correctly.

Jeff Bouthiette

Working with Jessie has completely revolutionized my technique and my approach to singing. After a year, I've been able to achieve a level of ease and freedom that I didn't think was possible, but more than that, she's helped me unlearn so much of the anxiety and tension that has stood in my way as a performer. Jessie is a genius at finding the exact right image or metaphor to make things click, but she's also happy to delve into the nerdy specifics of the vocal mechanism.

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Ricky Harris

Jessie Oliver is a phenomenal voice teacher. Her knowledge of the voice and how it works is truly outstanding. She has a way of explaining the intricacies of the voice in a manner in which everyone can understand. She has a gift of helping the artists choose music that suits them and her ability to work with all voice types sets her apart. She is truly one of my favorite voice teachers and has helped me sustain great vocal quality throughout my career.

Lars Ebsworth

The most remarkable thing about Jessie is her consistent dedication to learning. I've never seen a teacher strive to grow as much as them, and that's what keeps me coming back. I want someone always on the edge of the industry, keeping my craft as fresh as possible. Musical theatre or classical, Jessie is always the first person on my list when I recommend voice teachers to others. She will change your life, personally and professionally.

Spencer Hodges

Jessie Oliver is one of the best mentors I’ve ever had. In addition to being one of the most knowledgeable vocalists and instructors in the industry, she has the unique ability to relay complex techniques and constructive criticism in a way that is always kind, encouraging, informative, and understandable. Most importantly, she truly cares about each student. Vocalists at any level have something to learn from her.

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Jennifer Niego
Parent of student

My daughter has been so fortunate to have Jessie as her vocal coach throughout her high school years. Jessie has not only taught her so much, but has been there to provide support, push when a push was needed and adjust expectations and plans based on what my daughter needed most at any given time.

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